An important oil group are trusting us for the online cleaning of
all their 16 furnaces
their boilers
and their 220 aircoolers / fin fans
until 2017 !

Furnace-solutions is glad to announce the opening of a new office
in Montreal Canada !

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  • About Furnace-Solutions.

    Furnace-Solutions Company was established in 2007. The company is dedicated to supplying unique services for chemical treatment of on-line process units in refineries and heavy industries worldwide.
    We specialized in solving difficult situations on furnaces, and we have expertise in cleaning treatments and decontamination processes within the oil and gas industry.

    We have many years of experience implementing the processes involved with cleaning activities for refineries in Europe, Africa, Canada, USA and especialy in the Middle East.

    Thanks to our subsidaries in France, in the UK, in the USA and in Africa we are able to act very quickly.

    • Why treatments:

      Cleaning treatments are needed in order to save energy, reduce emissions of NOX and less polution, reduce operation costs, increase safety and to prepare the unit for maintenance work. Furnace-Solutions operates a unique on-line cleaning treatment for process heaters and for air coolers. This treatment can be executed while the unit is still “alive” and running, unlike other standard cleaning procedures that can only be operated while the unit is turned-off.

      Furnace-Solutions saves the refinery’s high shut-down costs (such as contractors, materials, supervision, logistics etc.) and also saves costs for lost production days. In addition, shut-down or start-up procedures include risks and safety issues which the refinery would prefer to reduce if not completely avoid.

    • How do we process:

      Furnace-Solutions. supplies the refinery man power, chemicals and the spraying equipment, while the refinery has to supply an air compressor and additional equipment. The cleaning treatment implemented by Furnace-Solutions. involves that of a LOW pressure spraying of various chemicals.

      This treatment can be executed during the day or night shifts of 8-12 hrs. RADIANTS AND CONVECTION ON-LINE cleaning are proposed to the customers.
      A cleaning treatment for one heater can last 2-3 days and the effects of the treatment are immediately noticeable because there is a clear increase of the heater/air-cooler efficiency. This efficiency can be measured by two main parameters: increasing the flow and the heater/ air-cooler output and decreasing the energy consumption of the unit.

    Furnace-Solutions. Company’s first mission is to supply a very high-standard cleaning treatment service to refineries worldwide at fair and reasonable prices, which economically a refinery can get his return on investment in a matter of days after the on-line cleaning is completed. This treatment is so attractive that many refineries are inclined to perform this type of cleaning periodically (usually every 6-9 months) to increase production efficiency and reduce costs.