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  • Goals

    Our goal is to clean on-line radiants and convections in the safest way possible and to optimise (saving on energy, increasing throughput) the workout of the furnace.
    Refinery immediate saving on:
    1. Flow (throughput) INCREASED
    2. Time between S/D INCREASED
    3. Fuel consumption DECREASED

    Immediate payback

    How do we process?

    We use existing doors, openings or windows to spray chemicals (small granular) into the Furnace.

    An air Compressor is needed.

    We spray and clean both Radiation and Convection sections.

    No need for extra scaffolding.


    This process is environmentally friendly.
    It does not create any waste, all chemicals are burned or disolved inside the furnace.

    We are insuring that there is no smell or any disturbance for the neighbourhood. We managed in many countries to work accordingly to very strict authority regulations.

    Radiation Cleaning

    Tube model

    Convection Cleaning


    No doubt that the method of cleaning is not only saving great amounts of money but allow the process of the furnace to extend its capacity , therefore producing more, return of investments is clearly seen . The breakeven point is achieved after a few weeks of processing. Money saving is achieved by six main ways:

    - Delaying shut down
    - Increasing capacity
    - Decreasing fuel consumption
    - Avoiding maintenance works (contractors)
    - Increasing the safety while running the furnace
    - Avoiding refractory breaking

    The GLOBAL cleaning becomes a standard procedure amongst refineries worldwide, due to its benefits sand advantages.

    They trust us:

    Our Air-cooler cleaning process has already been used at

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